Please allow me to introduce myself, and explain why I can help YOU!

Marina | Athletic Therapist Bio

After growing up in the Okanagan, I attended the University in Ontario. Always an avid soccer player, I played varsity soccer for the Guelph Gryphons.  After four years of university studies, I achieved my Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics.  Having personally suffered major injuries in the past through sports, I knew I wanted to help other people who had also suffered injuries. I then attended the University of Winnipeg, where I received my Athletic Therapy degree. Through my studies I was able to work with national level athletes such as Team Canada Women’s Volleyball, and varsity athletes at the University of Winnipeg. Once I became a certified athletic therapist, I returned home to the Okanagan. I now work with the Okanagan Sun Football Club and various hockey academy’s across BC, when I am not seeing clients at Global Fitness Club. While my schooling has taken me across Canada, the Okanagan will always be home!

Continuing education has always been important to me so now I am also a certified strength & conditioning specialist, as well as soft tissue release certified.

While my main specialty is rehabilitating athletes and the general population with injuries, I also plan and implement strength and conditioning programs for clients as well.

Lastly, I’m an avid camper, hiker, dog lover and SUP rider!

If you are looking to get better from an injury (old or new), or just looking to live a healthier lifestyle, come see me today.